Ship control in Asteroids-like game on android?

I just finished very simple beta-version of asteroids clone, called for now Rocks in Space. Basicaly you just fly with small rocksinspaceship, and shoot at space rocks. Those rocks split into smaller rocks, and when they’re small enough, they are destroyed and removed from playfield.  Nothing new. Simple idea, but pretty fun and not so hard to code for beginner like me.

I have some nice ideas to enrich this cool classic, but before i go any further, i want to make good ship controls. Game works fine on dekstop – ship is controlled with cursors, shoots with space. Clear and easy. But for android devices, I encoutered a problem.

I have no clue, how to make comfortable steering for android device.  I tried some stuff, but it just didnt worked as i wanted, or steering was hard and unnatural. I tried to move by tilting device, i tried to move by touching parts of screen, that were meant to be “cursors”. I even made ship following player’s finger. I didn’t liked it…

I’m sure, there is some way to make comfortable steering for such game, i hope i will eventually come with solution one day., and it better be soon. Any ideas or examples of such games with good movements are welcome, if you got one, feel free to leave comment :)

For now, anyone can try desktop beta-version, its simple, but fully playable, so, enjoy :)

You can download it from here: